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How to allow communication for a certain application

If a new connection is detected in the interactive mode and if there is no rule match, you will be prompted in a dialog window to allow or deny the connection. If you wish to perform the same action every time the application attempts to establish connection, select the Remember action check box. For applications which ...more...

[ESET Smart Security]How to schedule a scan task (every 24 hours)?

To schedule a regular task, go to ESET Smart Security > Tools > Scheduler (applicable in the Advanced mode). Below, you can find a short guide on how to schedule a task – this task will create a scan of local disks every 24 hours. To schedule a scan task: click Add in the main Scheduler screen select ...more...

How do I use ERA to configure my client computers to download virus signature database updates directly from ESET?

If you cannot or do not wish to use a local update Mirror server, your clients can receive virus signature updates directly from ESET while still being managed by ESET Remote Administrator. The advantages of this configuration are your clients receive Virus signature updates as soon as they are released and that your updates are not ...more...

Adding/Editing/Deleting a Whitelist entry (3.0)

A whitelist is a list of email addresses or domains that you have designated as legitimate email contacts. Messages from these contacts will not be blocked automatically, and will be delivered successfully to your inbox.

To more effectively filter spam, use the Whitelist in conjunction with the Blacklist. A Blacklist is a list of specific email ...more...

How do I temporarily disable the startup scan?

By default, your ESET security product will scan programs and memory at startup. If your system startup scan is taking an unusually long time to complete, you may have conflicting programs set to run at start up. You cannot cancel the startup scan once it has started, but you can temporarily disable the scan from ...more...

Email functionality issues: Solution checklist

Occasionally, features designed to protect your computer from malware can interfere with your email functionality. Below are known issues and instructions for resolving them.

Difficulty sending or receiving email

Problem: I can receive incoming email but cannot send outgoing mail.

Solution: Modify the email filtering to avoid conflicts. Click here for instructions.

Problem: Immediately after installing ESET ...more...

Why does the Protection status icon change color and what does each color mean?

Your ESET security product displays your current level of protection in the Protection status area, located on the left of the main program window. It displays information related to your computer's security, including:

Protection status level, with color-coded Protection status monitor icon

The number of attacks on your computer that your ESET security product has ...more...

How do I use ESET Remote Administrator to disable notifications about Windows updates?

When Windows updates are missing, ESET Smart Security and/or ESET NOD32 Antivirus display notifications requesting the updates. You can use ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) to suppress these notifications on client computers that report to the ERA server. To create a configuration that suppresses these notifications and push that configuration out to client computers, follow the ...more...

How do I disable the graphical user interface (egui.exe)?

Although ESET does not recommend doing so, it is possible to disable the graphical user interface of your ESET security product. In certain cases, such as terminal server networks with extreme memory limitations, you may wish to disable each instance of the egui.exe. It is essential that you first configure ESET Remote Administrator to control ...more...



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